Getting Married in Italy and bringing my dog!

Getting Married in Italy and bringing my dog!

In the last years, lots of couples decide to get married in Italy. Italy is actually a very nice, particular please where to get married in!

Ancient and incredible monuments in the cities, stunning landscapes in the countryside, lovely and romantic lakes and more and more. In this beautiful country you can get married in an Abbey, in Tuscany for example, take you Wedding photos underneath the magnificent Colosseum in Rome or in a Masseria in Apulia, so Italy is actually worth to visit and to become a wedding destination country!

But in that special day, all the important people of your life will be there with you sharing the most important day of your life, your Wedding in Italy… Are you sure no-one is missing? Oh, what about your four legged friend….your dog! Are you planning to get married and bring your dog with you? In Italy you can do it, with Wedding Dog Sitter, we are a company specialized in dog sitting for weddings! Lets read more about it

Wedding Dog Sitter is the first in Italy to carry on a dog sitting activity dedicated to ceremonies. Our strength is ethics and the respect for the animal’s needs. Thanks to the know-how and our long experience in the field, Wedding Dog Sitter provides personalized service, specifically designed for your dog, always placing his welfare first. The owners can live serenely on their wedding day, knowing that their four-legged companion is entrusted to the expert hands of a professional that can handle any situation.

Wedding Dog Sitter is expanding all throughout Italy and Europe. Having gone through, with great success, over 250 marriages since the activity beginning .

Wedding Dog Sitter confirms itself the leader of the sector and an important point of reference for all the spouses that choose to have their dog on the wedding day, considering it a family member to all effects. One of our Wedding Dog Sitter will take care of the couple’s four-legged companion that choose to  entrust us on the most important day of their life together.

The service consists in the presence of an expert ( infact all Wedding Dog Sitter are personally trained by Elisa Guidarelli, and work with the know-how and guidance of someone who has done more than 250 weddings), which deals with the dog spouses (even more than one) to 360 °: from dog sitting, accessory made to measure, by our sartorial workshops, so as to be stylish and comfortable at the same time,furthermore our pet photographer will make sure to shot from the dog’s point of view during the entire day, a free service for the newlyweds!

The service is structured so that no one need to think or handle the dog, nor should the dog be tossed about by an aunt and a cousin, resulting in a high-stress level. Everything will be matched with the wedding colors, so that in addition of being a useful service, is also nice to look … thing that brides really care about!

Usually the day takes place as follows: arrival home of the bride / groom or where the dogs are, around 2/3 hour before the ceremony so that the dogs can rest easily with their WDS, removing them from the confusion and the stress situations that there inside the house, using games, walks etc.. The WDS will wait during the ceremony, once it is finished the dogs will follow the bride and groom to take the pictures, so that they can have pictures along with their humans! At the location we take care of them with everything they need such as water, food, games, walks and much more.

We personally take care of the dogs, we manage the tension and the stress working on their emotions so as to make sure that they are happy and calm next to the spouses. And so the owners, knowing that their four-legged friends are in expert hands, capable to handle every situation.

We take advantage of the spaces provided by the location, we infact check that the place is safe and that nothing happens. For this reason the dogss will not ever be loose or unattended.

We are always among the first to arrive and the last to leave so that the spouses and the dogs can enjoy at the most this special day!

The duration of the service is usually around 12/15 hours. In the service are always freely included all the pictures taken from the point of view of the dog during the day, by our pet photographers, certified Wedding Dog Sitter.

This is thought as a memory of moments of this special day, for whoever may have not been able to enjoy it , as you can see on site


However if your are getting married in any other country and want to bring your dog at your Wedding , we can move worldwide and provvide this perfect Wedding Dog Sitter services!

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